Women's Basketball Europe Trip Blog Entry: "Ostia Antica"

Women's Basketball Europe Trip Blog Entry: "Ostia Antica"

The Southern New Hampshire University women's basketball team embarks on a 10-day trip to Spain and Italy, where it will play three games against international competition and see multiple sites in the two countries. Rising senior Madi Rowan (Aliquippa, Pa.) and rising junior Mimi MacLeod (Hampton Falls, N.H.) will provide first person accounts on the trip with daily blog entries.


"Ostia Antica"
By Mimi MacLeod and Madalena Rowan


Today was game day! After being able to sleep in, we headed out to ancient Roman city known as Ostia Antica, which was filled with ruins and remnants of an old port area. We walked through the rocky pathways and found an incredible amphitheater. A few months back the "Running Man Challenge" was a national dance craze that was passed through numerous collegiate teams. We decided it was only right that we participated and after we taught coach Pinkos the dance moves, we gathered on the stage of the amphitheater and we shot out video. It was hilarious and turned out even better than we thought as it took place in an ancient Roman city.

After our video we finished walking around the ruins and boarded the bus. After a quick lunch at a rest stop, we arrived at the gymnasium. The gym had large oval window that provided a breathtaking view of the mountains. First on our agenda was a basketball clinic for local teenage girls. With the obvious language barrier, we managed to explain all of the instructions to the basketball drills with the help of a young girl who was able to translate. They were really excited to have us there, and our team participated in some of the drills with the final featuring some intense relay races. After we were done, we left time to present them with SNHU pendants and we took plenty of pictures. Although there was an apparent language barrier, one word that was definitely universal was "selfie!"

Tipoff was off at 8 p.m. and we played an all-star team which consisted of players from the top teams in three different regions. We got the win in our final game overseas, and it was a really fun game to be a part of. During the last 10 seconds of the game, the opposing coach subbed in a little girl who was the younger sister of one of the players. It was a really cool moment and she scored three times! The crowd went wild!

After the game the European team came up to us and asked to take home some of our jerseys in return for theirs. They also presented us with awesome posters that had all of our teams on it and we gave them SNHU basketball t-shirts.

We all ate pizza together and then boarded the bus to head back to the hotel. To our surprise, four girls from the European team joined us on the bus, which turned into a complete dance party, combining both European and American songs. It was an experience that we all will never forget.  

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