Penmen in the Pros

Players Selected in the MLB Draft

Jason Paul drafted in 2004, 461 overall pick round 15, by the Atlanta Braves
Garrett Jewell drafted in 2011, 958 overall pick round 31, by the Minnesota Twins
Tim Flight drafted in 2012, 547 overall pick round 17, by the New York Yankees
Junior Mendez drafted in 2013, 491 overall pick round 16, by the Oakland Athletics
Alex Powers drafted in 2013, 753 overall pick round 25, by the Chicago White Sox
Jon Massad drafted in 2013, 761 overall pick round 25, by the Oakland Athletics
Riley Palmer drafted in 2014, 931 overall pick round 31, by the Baltimore Orioles
Derrick Sylvester drafted in 2014, 939 overall pick round 31, by the Los Angeles Dodgers
Tim Viehoff drafted in 2016, 357 overall pick round 12, by the Seattle Mariners
Justin Valdespina drafted in 2016, 440 overall pick round 15, by the Colorado Rockies
Manny Cruz drafted in 2016, 678 overall pick round 23, by the Cincinnati Reds
Jake Walkinshaw drafted in 2019, 1,094 overall pick round 36, by the Oakland Athletics

Player Years Played

Jason Paul

Danville Braves (Rookie), 2004
Rome Braves (A), 2005
Nashua Pride (Independent), 2006-2008

Ryan Quinn

Worcester Tornadoes (Independent), 2009

Steve Golbranson

Worcester Tornadoes (Independent), 2011

Garrett Jewell

Elizabethton Twins (Rookie), 2011

Ryan Walfield

Worcester Tornadoes (Independent), 2011

Tim Flight

Staten Island Yankees (A), 2012
GCL Yankees 1, 2013
Washington Wild Things (Independent), 2014-15 

Zach Lebarron

AZL Angels, 2012
Washington Wild Things (Independent), 2013-14
Garden State Grays (Independent), 2015 

Jon Massad

AZL Athletics, 2013
Vermont Lake Monsters (A), 2014-15
Beloit Snappers (A), 2015 

Junior Mendez

AZL Athletics, 2013
Vermont Lake Monsters (A), 2013
Beloit Snappers (A), 2014-15 

Andrew Pezzuto

Florence Freedom (Independent), 2013

Alex Powers

Bristol White Sox (Rookie), 2013
Kannapolis Intimidators (A), 2013-14
Great Falls Voyagers (Rookie), 2014
New Jersey Grays (Independent), 2015 

Tyler Gauthier

Hudson Valley Renegades (A), 2013-14

Riley Palmer

Aberdeen Ironbirds (A), 2014
Delmarva Shorebirds (A), 2015 

Derrick Sylvester

AZL Dodgers, 2014
Ogden Raptors (Rookie), 2014
Great Lakes Loons (A), 2015 

Jon Minucci

Frontier Greys (Independent), 2014
Washington Wild Things (Independent), 2015
Southern Illinois Miners (Independent), 2015
Sussex County Miners (Independent), 2015 

Last Updated: 8/18/2015