SNHU Cheerleading Program Overview

Team Make-Up

* Up to 25 athletes may be selected for the team, male and female.


Team Prerequisites  

* Must have a minimum of a back handspring to make the competition team

* Athletes may be selected for the game team without the necessary tumbling if the potential is there to acquire the tumbling


Team Expectations

* School work / GPA must be high priority. 

*Athletes are expected to participate in all community service and team activities to promote SNHU. 

*Expected to be ambassadors for Southern New Hampshire University


Practice Schedule

* Practice will begin in early September and will run until middle of April

* Practices will generally be 3 to 4 times per week including weekend practices

*Practices will usually run for two and a half hours with some later evenings.


Fitness Schedule

* All members of the SNHU Cheerleading Program will be required to participate in cardiovascular workouts and strength training workouts with an assigned group 

* Conditioning / Cardio workouts will last one hour

* Athletes run each practice


Games & Performance’s

* SNHU Varsity Cheerleaders cheer at home men's and women’s basketball games

* The team performs during time-outs and half-time at all home men's basketball games.



* The team may compete in local, and regional competitions provided the event does not interfere with the basketball schedule

* SNHU cheer is a competitive program that does focus on competition as a priority

* If the team enters a competition, the practice schedule may increase to prepare for the competition.



* All SNHU Cheerleaders will be required to participate in fundraising activities

* Money raised will subsidize the cost of camp attendance, overnight accommodations for an out-of-town competition, plaques and awards, etc.